Shreya Infotech Services is a trusted and innovative provider of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions for medical service providers in North America and India. With a strong commitment to simplifying the complex processes involved in managing claims, payments, and revenue generation.

Our team of dedicated professionals brings extensive expertise and experience in the healthcare industry, coupled with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by medical service providers. We leverage this knowledge to address the specific needs of each client, ensuring maximum efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.

Our commitment towards data privacy and the security of our clients is of paramount importance and have a zero deviation policy for the same.


Our vision is to be a leading provider of innovative Revenue Cycle Management solutions, revolutionizing the healthcare industry by simplifying processes, optimizing financial outcomes, and enhancing patient experiences. We strive to be recognized as a trusted partner, committed to delivering exceptional value and driving the success of our clients.


Our mission is to empower healthcare providers with comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management services that streamline operations, maximize reimbursements, and improve overall financial performance. We are dedicated to leveraging advanced technologies, industry expertise, and a customer-centric approach to deliver personalised solutions.


North America


Account Receivables

We maintain your accounts and do follow-ups to get your reimbursements at the earliest.

Medical Coding

We assign the appropriate codes to your services and procedures based on the ICD 10 codes updated.

Denial Management

We help you to identify and resolve the reasons for claim denials and rejections, and follow up with the payers to ensure timely payment.

EDI Rejections

It is important to avoid coding errors. Our coders and other staff work for clients to reduce the same, and optimize revenue generation.

Charge Posting

We post the payments and adjustments received from the payers and patients, and reconcile them with the charges.


Our organizations data entry specialists and accounting personals get the work done optimally.


We assist you with the credentialing process with various payers, ensuring that you are enrolled and verified in their networks.

Prior Authorization

By round the clock available assistance we communicate with agencies and get the authorization done ASAP to get later processes initiated faster.

Assistance in hospital empanelment (only in India)

we help hospitals in getting their empanelment work done for various insurance agencies as per their requirement. 

Charge Entry

We enter the charges accurately and promptly into the billing software, using the appropriate codes and modifiers.

Frequently Asked Question

As a business every entity needs to constantly generate revenue by getting paid for your services. A smart way to save money is by reducing overhead costs by outsourcing to INDIA rather than hiring a full-time medical biller and paying for employee benefits. With our organisation Shreya Infotech Services our clients have access to an entire team of experienced billers at their fingertips thereby not being dependent on a single employed biller. Our experienced staff ensures that your claims are submitted efficiently, thereby receiving all payments consistently.

A good cash flow is very important in medical practice. It largely depends upon quick and timely payments from insurance companies. Our trained staff of billers, coders and other HOD’s optimise the process of data entry, billing, charge posting and all other steps to reduce the number of errors generated and get the claims processed faster by insurance companies. Our software employed also assists us in follow up and challenge all denied/unpaid/partially paid claims until our clients are paid.

Efficient and quality customer service provided transparently by our experienced staff for attainment of our clients goals is our USP. We at Shreya Infotech Service offer a dedicated Client Support Manager who is specifically trained as per the specific requirements of our clients thereby single person being the point of contact leading to faster issue resolutions and work optimisation. Here the organisation maintains a transparent working mechanism wherein the client gets daily feedback for the amount of work processed on a daily basis via e-mails. We are also available on phone calls 24*7 thereby resolving any and every issue immediately. Shreya Infotech Services being situated in India offers prices which are comparatively more competitive then the rest being able to hire skilled, trained and trustworthy staff to work for our clients. We in INDIA believe “ Client is God ”. And we treat every client of ours with the same level of dedication, discipline and gratitude to be a faithful associate to our client throughout.